1) How do you ship your products? What shipping company do you go through?

I Want Thiz Stuff ships through the United States Postal Service. As collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping your product safe during shipping. Depending upon which items you have bought, each item is packaged a certain way. For more information on how your items are packaged please contact [email protected].

2) How should I contact you if I receive the wrong product?

If you have received the wrong item please contact [email protected] immediately. Please attach the confirmation of purchase email, the shipping/tracking email, and a detailed description of the item you have received.

3) How do you gather your inventory?

Like many collectors, I Want Thiz Stuff has gathered inventory through distributors, private collections, conventions, and consignment.

4) How can I track my order?

Please allow 48 hours after purchase for your tracking number to update. If you do not receive a shipping and tracking number, please check your spam folder or do an email search for ‘I Want Thiz Stuff”. If you still have not received or found the shipping and tracking number please contact [email protected].

5) Can I exchange an item?

Company policy says that no items shall be exchanged under any circumstances.

6) What should I do if I am charged multiple times?

If you have been charged multiple times please send an email to [email protected]. Please attach the confirmation of purchase of email and our team will look into the issue.

7) How does the refund policy work? Is there a refund policy?

I Want Thiz Stuff has a no refund policy. However, our company does offer an insurance policy through shipping during the check out process. We encourage you to purchase the insurance for a few cents more. If there is an issue with the item please contact USPS.

8) Can I return an item?

I Want Thiz Stuff has a no return policy under any circumstances.

9) What type of company is I Want Thiz Stuff?

I Want Thiz Stuff is a trailblazer in the collectibles and toy industry, offering expertise and an ever-expanding selection of licensed products, ranging from popular toy items to limited edition pieces and hard-to-find collectibles.

10) How can I contact the company?

Please contact us here.