Beast Kingdom: Avengers Endgame- Bro Thor and Korg Mini Egg Attack MEA-025 (SDCC Exclusive)


Limited to just 2500 pcs. made!

For those who don’t remember the scene in question, Hulk and Rocket Racoon arrive in New Asgard to recruit Thor for his mission to reverse the damage done by Thanos. However, their friend was not the same warrior they once knew. Thor had completely given himself over to a sedentary life. The only battles he still fought were inside Fortnite, with his friend Korg.

Measuring about 4-inches tall, this limited edition Previews Exclusive MEA figure 2-Pack includes both a determined-looking Thor and the ever stoic Korg deep in a gaming sesh.

Avengers: Endgame – Bro Thor and Korg Mini Egg Attack (MEA-025) Figure 2-Pack – SDCC 2021 PX (Previews Exclusive) from the Beast Kingdom is a limited edition of 2500 pcs

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